Individual Solutions

Would you like to explore a complementary or different alternative? There is a wide range of special product options offered by AGRO International’s parent company, manufactured in Germany.

  • Specialized innovative Pocket solutions such as Squareflaex, RelaxGuard, Ergolastic and DualActive .
  • Sustainable solutions like A.Next
  • LFK units with various specification alternatives
  • Possibility of joint developments
AGRO International

Pocket Innersprings

  • Superior comfort
  • Zoning according to needs
  • Optionally equipped with frames
Type Pocket

Bonnell Innersprings

  • High stability and durability
  • Uniformity in firmness
  • High air permeability in the system
Type Bonnell

Special Solutions

  • Specialized innovative solutions
  • LFK units with various alternatives
  • Possibility of joint developments

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