What makes us stand out as AGRO SPRINGS Colombia?

More than 70 years of experience in innerspring production.

In-depth knowledge of the innerspring manufacturing process, the result of more than 70 years of market presence and pioneering the introduction of numerous innovative products.

Better Standards

Firsthand knowledge of the production of the main raw material, high carbon steel wire, and in the ideal shaping of the innersprings structures.

New alternatives

Broad product portfolio and technical and material resources for joint development of new products.

Immediate support

Local contact and immediate support.

Our Value Proposition

Local production, fast delivery and guaranteed availability

By producing in Colombia, we can provide a constant and flexible supply for the region, ensuring product availability. We have the ability to easily meet sudden changes in customer and market demand and keep your inventory under control.

State-of-the-art compact packaging technology for efficient logistics

Through a user-friendly and efficient roll packing process, spring units take up considerably less space in transport and storage compared to other forms of packaging. Your advantages? Reduced logistical costs and carbon footprint, efficient storage and perfect and safe handling without additional devices.

Cutting-edge quality

Delivering the highest quality products, not only in terms of basic technical requirements but also in terms of the consistency and homogeneity of our standards.
Our efficient manufacturing process and our focus on strict quality control provide you with perfectly formed, calibrated and sized spring units. This ensures a smooth integration of our products into your high quality mattresses.